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Yahoo! How Many Fake News Headlines on Homepage at once?

I accidentally made the mistake of visiting the #Yahoo homepage today. To no surprise I had an injection of #FakeNews to help me remember why I chose to not frequent their page for almost 15 years. How many bull crap, misleading, and irresponsible things can Yahoo's editors manage to put in the featured positions of their Homepage at one time. Its pretty amazing actually that they have made so much progress since the last time I viewed their page. The obvious liberal media elitists at Yahoo have done a tremendous job. Lets break it down top to bottom, left to right. I presume this will be a long post... 15 year old died after crash with auto-pilot Tesla (New York Times): The Headline is factual and completely misleading at the same time. As if Yahoo has Auto Pilot on for Fake News. When one reads the headline they automatically assume the Tesla is the cause of a vehicular death, or as the summary says "partly"... but pump your brakes. The article states the Driver was trying to pass a slow car, (aka he was probably speeding) and that the Tesla nor the driver hit the brakes until a fraction of a second before the crash. Isn't that normal in any accident? If a driver hits the breaks 5-10 seconds before a interstate crash I would assume that driver can tell the future and the accident is avoided (#Netflix show #Manifest Callings Anyone?). Then the article reveals the victim (may he RIP this blog is not about his tragedy) was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the car. A sane person would assume if a seat belt was worn, the teenage may have survived like everyone else and the parents failure to ensure their son was buckled up was the major cause of death. Now dont get me wrong, I only know whats written in the deceptive article to start. Maybe the kid was buckled in before the parents begun the drive and he later un buckled for whatever reason. I am not making wild judgement as the article hopes I do. And btw, tbh I have zero trust for real drivers, and zero trust for a auto pilot bot to drive and be safe. But thats besides the point. New York Lake Turned into 'hot tub" by bitcoin mining (NBC): Lake Seneca has protesters mad theres a power plant on the lake that produces bitcons. It takes electricity to make the bitcoins...why the article says "mining" is a mystery. I guarantee 99% of readers think theres a mining operation at the bottom of the lake, Then they interview a protester and he says "its so warm it feels like a hot tub". But according to Official Tracking of Lake Senecas temperatures the water is a cool 68° with a 79° Air Temperature.... In upstate New York... its as regular as a furniture store going out of business sale. White Man Arrested for Confronting Black Neighbor (Yahoo News/Philadelphia inquirer): Its video of words. Not of the account or even a reporter. Its just a video meme. And it says A white guy pushed the black guy and yelled racist slurs AFTER protesters gathered at the mans home. And they he was charged, issued a summons to appear, but was not arrested until protesters went crazy and gave the police "new footage". Now the man faces additional crimes. For being at home? He was at his freaking home? I believe a person can say whatever he wishes in his home/property. And everyone has a right to defend themselves and their property..ESPECIALLY WHILE ON THEIR PROPERTY. And I'm sure the "protesters" were perfectly civil and "peaceful" right? Thats an assumption of course... but its an educated assumption. The news loves to fan the flames of racism at any chance.

'Nobody ever did that, but buyers are now asking' (New York Times): The Miami Building fell, the country knows this. So this article is about convincing home/land owners in the area to sell their property before it happens to them. And the headline uses a PARTIAL quote to fora version of a question that is phrased as if all property owners are asking "Should we sell, should we not?". Cause a panic sell off so rich developers can buy cheap is all this will accomplish. And that allows Insurance Companies to spike rates and BUY ADS ON YAHOO. Disgusting little game the MSM plays. But what EXACTLY "Did Nobody Ever Do, but Buyers are asking now".. sell homes to avert emergencies? lol. Really... NEVER BEFORE? I can tell you about 100 people I know, born and raised in California who moved to avert fires, political weaponizing, tax burdens, freedom canceling, and crime. But I guess that "never happens" As TikTok dance strike goes on, white creators struggle (LA Times): Can a more well written article advancing racism be written. In Summary theres some all black dance group on social media that make dance routines to other artists hit songs. And for whatever reason they believe they're important enough to have exclusivity and that nobody else, especially white people should do their own dance routines. Just shame on Yahoo for even giving this article the time of day. LA Times what are you thinking promoting this hatred?3 simple questions I ask them here to wrap this up: 1. Its social media so who truly cares at all about you? 2. Unless they own the patent to "dance" why are they even bitching? 3. What do you have against other races dancing to songs? WTF? 'Our Tuna doesnt need to be touched' Subway exec (Today): Nothing fake here except this entire write up is just an advertisement. lol. Subway is updating their menu..but worry not, the Tuna remains. Anyone want a tunawhich now? We Still Wont Admit Why So Many People Believe the Big Lie (The Daily Beast): Just an entire article dismissing voter fraud as a "LIE", while painting anyone who suspects fraud occurred as a lower life form. And the EVIDENCE they cite for the entire story are polls, commentators, political scientists, social science research, etc. In then goes on to tell the readers how your parents, church, social media, NEWS, and other institutions constantly lie to us. Small lies, big lies, everything is a lie. Except this Daily Beast Article. Take this NEWS Article as bond, because The Daily Beast would never lie. Except about Trump Russian Collusion Or except in regards to COVID being from a lab in Wuhan China And 1 Hour ago Daily Beast reported They STILL think COVID isnt from a Wuhan Lab But ignore their track record of deceptive reporting and spreading lies, and their long absence of not reporting fact based information... BELIEVE THEM ANYWAYS because they said so...smh. Former Astronaut Says Moon Landing Photo was Fake (Yahoo ADVERTISEMENT): I wont even add the web link to this b.s. headline because they deserve zero traffic from my readers. Its an "Ad" as the Yahoo page does show in the small font next to the advertising company name (more on that name in a second). To borrow the words Biden goes when he doesn't know an answer to a question... "COME ON MAAAAN!" Ad or not shouldn't Yahoo show responsibility for what they allow to be put on the timeline of News on their homepage? Should Yahoo show some integrity here and either not accept the ad dollars or request the advertisements copy be changed to not spread falsities. Even liberal SNOPES had to step in and say "its not true" because so many people read it and misinterpreted it as news, not an ad. And "Zenherald", the name of the advertiser throws the public off even more. Theres the Boston Herald, Daily Herald, New York Herald Tribune, the National Herald. Its name is deceptive and Yahoo should know better. But I suppose that Yahoo getting their ad money is motivation enough to put anything in their news time line.... Example....this entire homepage, 8 featured stories full of fake news, deception, disinformation, fear mongering, panic pushing, race baiting, and lies. And as their defense for doing so they cite the First Amendment "Freedom of the Press". 1A was never intended to be a scapegoat to allow the Media to Lie. Its a damn shame what this country has allowed to happen. The founding fathers would be disgusted beyond measure if they could see us now.