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Why some local news is upgraded to national coverage

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The story below is about a father in Houston Texas who owned a legal gun, and while with his son felt threatened for whatever reason. He readied his firearm and thankfully nothing happened and he was never forced to defend the life of him and/or his son. Later somehow that gun accidentally discharged and the son was shot. Luckily the son is ok. But this post is not about him, or his father, or even a gun or the 2A. Whats cute is this happened in Houston Texas. But the gun hating liberal advocates in the media have decided this local Houston story needs more coverage and should be shared on ALL local affiliates coast to coast.

In Houston the same day there were accidental drug overdoses, accidental car crashes, accidental drownings, accidental suffocation, accidental fires, etc. Many of them resulted in a child being injured physically, mentally, or even death.

Non of those Houston TX accidents were reported on local affiliates in different cities across the nation. Why? Why is the accidental gun discharge worthy of increased distribution? Even thought the story SAYS QUOTE:

  1. He is expected to survive.

  2. Police said the father, who is cooperating with investigators, will not face charges because it was an accident.

Its because gun grabbers need whatever justification they can get to help remove a Constitutional Right no matter how anti-American their ideas are. And they abuse the Freedom of the Press (First Amendment) to demonize the right to Bear Arms (Second Amendment). Like I said above... Thats cute isn't it?

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