• TheGoodfella

When did Liberals Take Over America's Institutions?

When did liberals take over everything and create a Systemic Institutional Monopoly that branches into every facet of Americans lives? Now the left can deny it, and say things like “The FBI is impartial and non political”, but their actions in recent years prove otherwise.

This is not some #GoodfellaThoughts about a single election or specific moment. This post is about a complete power grab that has probably been in process for over 40 years. I want to know how so many industries, groups, corporations both private and government controlled somehow were swayed to be under what I consider the Democrat Umbrella of Associations.

In a democracy, every vote is supposed to be equal. If about half the country supports one side and half the country supports another, you may expect major institutions to either be equally divided, or to try to stay politically neutral.

Yet Republicans get close to half the votes yet the Conservative representation in the following institutions is far from equal. In some Conservatives are not represented at all, and in many cases a conservative would be crucified publicly if outspoken. And then when a conservative speaks out, is ridiculed, cancelled and has their life ruined other conservatives praise them for their courage and bravery. When did it become courageous to stand up for ones political beliefs against the radical progressive left? But That’s another question and post for the future. So I digress back to my original point in effort to stay on topic.

In short the liberal left controls or heavily influences,

  • Department of Education

  • The Association of American Colleges AACU

  • Workers Unions AFL-CIO, UAW, etc.

  • The IRS

  • Department of Commerce

  • Department of Health and Human Services

  • Department of Labor

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • The CDC and/or The WHO

  • The FBI

  • Lower US Court System

  • Healthcare (PNHP, AMA, etc).

  • Health Insurance Corporations

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Movie Industry

  • TV Industry

  • Music Industry

  • News Industry

  • Banking Industry

  • Professional Sports

  • NCAA


  • ACLU

  • NOW

  • HRC

  • PP

  • Sierra Club

  • Equal Justice Society

  • National Lawyers Guild

  • Union of Concerned Scientists

  • Federation of American Scientists

  • Google/Youtube

  • Facebook/Instagram

  • Twitter

  • TIME

  • Newsweek

  • New York Times

  • Washington Post

  • LA Times

  • Clear Channel Broadcasting

  • Cox Broadcasting

  • And so many more… I didn't even list Pri Media publications that make magazines for adolescent tweens and teens that almost always include liberal propaganda in their publications for our youth to absorb.... after all... "its just another lifestyle choice".

Some of these institutions were actually created by Democrat leaders. OK no problem there, they have the right to form whatever kind of organization they want just like anyone else does. But others on this list were normal, fairly represented by all kinds of people/backgrounds/beliefs and then taken over slowly until eventually they would become part of the "Democrat Umbrella of Associations".

Why did Republicans and Conservatives not counter any of this when they saw decades of lower court appointments being made with liberal judges? Why did they not counter when the FBI began to have different levels of justice for Democrats and Republicans? Why did the Conservative Right do nothing after noticing that our children’s educational system was slowly but surely being taken over by liberal progressive activists with intentions to indoctrinate their core beliefs into impressionable children? So much so that if any student shows resistance to those ideals they are kicked off the sports team, failed in class, and even expelled from the schools. Why did the Republicans coward even in regards to the CDC and WHO telling the world lie after lie regarding COVID, its origins, and how it was released into the public. And then why did the Republicans sit idle when the CDC Democrats used “science” as the reason they lied and/or were wrong. How is it possible that CNN, NBC, ABC, Google, Facebook, Twitter were all controlled or being used as major tools by the Woke Left Mob and Republicans never even contemplated it may present a problem and that it may be a good idea to stop it or compete with it. Why sit back and not ACTUALLY do anything when Big Tech citing "Provoking of Violence" bans the platform of a sitting US President that is Republican, but still allows the Leader of terrorist groups in Hamas, Al Qaeda to run their platforms uninterrupted and without censorship? Seriously WTF! Why did Republicans allow the left to indoctrinate America with bias narratives through Systemic Institutional Monopolies for so long? Better question is why do they STILL allow it?


I'd love to receive answers in the comments in time regarding this one. It may be a long history lesson. I will begin my own research shortly.