• TheGoodfella

We Are Letting Our Children Go Broke

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

I broke out my stop watch and held it to the to time how long it took the US Government to spend $100,000 of our tax money. I timed it at 2.03 seconds.

I ran the same stop watch to see how long it took to spend $100K in the year 2000 on this same day and clocked a time 37.07 seconds. I remember how people we're saying the debt is out of control in 2000. But fact is the National Debt was slightly decreasing then. Check yourself if you don’t believe me.

Now the shock reality-

2000 Debt per tax payer: $55,000

2021 Debt per tax payer: $227,000

2025 Debt per tax payer PROJECTION: $371,000.

So when a child is born this day, only 4 years from now they are in debt almost $400K. By 2030 its safe to say a new born will be indebted half a million dollars to the US Government. Someone please tell me how all this spending will "strengthen the middle class" as Biden continues to suggest.

The tax hikes to pay for everyone's free checks are on their way to FOX NEWS LINK which reduces our personal incomes. Basically Biden is docking us pay. And that includes a death tax. So whatever wealth a family has to pass on can also be taken. But its OK because we're giving people free money right? We're helping people and that makes us all feel special and good. Modern day Americans do have a major fault. Collectively speaking we rarely look towards tomorrow and focus on the tangible things we know we can control. Like blowing up our National Debt to the point a Child carries half a million in negative debt at birth. Instead we focus on intangible things we do not know if we can control like Climate Change. And because we can not truly determine if we do or do not make an impact it gives the more liberal person in the USA a reason to feel as if they’re making progress. But in the end nothing can be determined pro or con for their efforts. Its scientifically theoretical at best, or a waste of time at worst.

However we can control our National Debt. We can demand spending is decreased from our elected leaders. We can control if our children, and their children are born into a world of financial deficiencies because we couldn't stop deficit spending our way to the National poor house.. We have that power. Because if the elected leaders don't listen, we vote them out... (of course this is assuming our elections are not rigged and run fairly. And that why even Democrat, and Republican voters should all want to ensure the integrity of our elections. because its not about 2 people who win or lose, its about people retaining the only power we have in our representative Republic we refer to as Democracy. But we choose not to control the purse and let Congress go spend crazy on all pet projects under the sun. Largely because half the nation would rather help the starving children in Africa, or prevent the US Oil Co. from drilling off the Baja Coast while China drill 2 miles away, or provide military arms to countries that will one day use them against our own soldiers, or save a lizard rather than run a natural gas pipeline that generates revenues, or house illegal immigrants in hotels while our vets live homeless on our streets, or send each person a free check regardless if they worked to earn it or not. And the other half of the nation is so busy objecting to the minutia that everyone loses track of what is truly important.

Now don't get me wrong, I’m not judging the motivations of other people’s philanthropic ambitions. My readers know I do that on other posts non stop. But this time I will refrain and reiterate my point that if we don’t make the lives of our children better why does anything else matter? If we don’t curb our spending in a major way we’re dooming future generations. So how about we all agree to do something that we KNOW will help future generations and tell #Congress and the current fake #POTUS to put the credit cards away and STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY WE HAVE NOT EVEN MADE YET!