• TheGoodfella

Vogue Mag put Jill Biden on Front Cover

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

In 5 months #Vogue couldn't wait to feature the liberal #FLOTUS #JillBiden on the cover of their magazine. But in 4 years they refused to give First Lady #MelaniaTrump the recognition she deserved. Even though Vogue is a fashion magazine and Melania was a Fashion Model. I mean look at the photos below... shouldn't Vogue have been excited and jumped at the opportunity? Even if they disagree politically? Wouldnt that be a sign of "unity"? And to make it more of an obvious taunt the Headline "A First Lady For Us All" is used. As if Melania was not that correct? A blatant disrespect. So they're asking that we ALL accept Jill and show love and unity now, after they snubbed Melania for 4 years and while using a headline to diss her time as First Lady as disingenuous to ALL Americans. Amazing how disgusting the left can be and nobody cares. This is another prime example of the lefts hypocrisy, hatred and vile for anyone that doesn't push their narratives. But this is the lefts DNA and what they celebrate. I only hope that eventually ALL of middle America can see the contrasts between the Left and what regular people call reality.