• TheGoodfella

VIDEO: First Georgia 2020 Voter Fraud Evidence Revealed

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Fulton County GA had some fraudulent activities occur, thats for certain now. When this news, hits the wire and all the big MSM "trusted" news agencies (NBC, CNN, FOX, etc. that poll at about an 11% Trusted average) start ignoring it what will the public do? And soon Maricopa AZ results will drop and the press will still ignore. Then what will the public do? Its going to reach a point that if the Media doesnt cover this, they will look as if they're directly involved. In the mean time they will begin to Pivot, Pivot.... PIVOT harder than Ross Gellar with a couch on flight of stairs. The Lamestream media that denied this was at all possible will do whatever they can do to deflect, delay, and distract in hopes this will all go away. And why did so many Republicans in GA and AZ and PA stand down? Why did hey push to certify the election with no investigations when their own POTUS was telling them not to? And Trump released the entire letter from the PA AG stating that then AG Barr ordered her not to investigate or even comment on potential voter fraud further. Why would he do this? Wow what a spiderweb of lies the political establishment elites have spun here. One man never stopped telling the world “election fraud”. He never stopped ringing the alarms at every chance. Even though all our politicians and media continued to call him crazy, reckless, and selfish. He even went to the SCOTUS and asked them to examine the preliminary evidence before certification could occur. They refused. Cowards hiding behind the veil. Its gonna be amazing when liberals are forced to admit their parties candidate accepted his victory and took office when he knew he didn't truly win.

And in 20 years the prism of time will credit one man for doing all he could within his power to preserve our Democracy. The guy who resisted long enough to expose people in both parties as cohorts and possibly one day bring Americans the 3rd option needed to maintain freedom and equality. Our true #President, #DonaldTrump.

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