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Video: Climate Change is "Baloney"...

In late 2017 CNN Anchor Brian Stelter interviewed John Coleman, (Video below) founder of The Weather Channel about his views on Climate Change. Coleman said Climate Scientists lie to receive Federal Money and that Climate Change is "Baloney". John Coleman was a real scientist of meteorology and weather. For 50 years his professional career was never challenged as anything but honest and reputable, until he spoke out against "Global Warming", (aka the predecessor name of Climate Change before the Planet entered a cooling trend in the mid 2000s). But first some brief background about the man himself who was unaffiliated with any political party. About John Coleman:

  • He was 1983 Broadcast Meteorologist of the Year by the American Meteorological Society.

  • He was ABC's Good Morning America weather-caster,

  • He graduated with a BA in Journalism from University of Illinois.

  • After 10 years of self-study and correspondence classwork obtained the American Meteorological Society’s full Professional Meteorologist membership qualifying him as a professional scientist of Meteorology.

  • After working since 1953 in weather he Founded The Weather Channel in 1982.

  • He was a key policy advisor to The Heartland Institute and featured speaker at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, they just didn't like what he had to say that day. Then the liberal dogs attacked anything about his personal life and professional career.

John challenged the liberal narrative of #ClimateChange on every front in this video. On the topic he provided professional insight backed up by facts and statistics like no one ever before on a MSM network. He painted the CNN host into a corner that was very difficult to navigate out of. The host resorted to using the DNC produced talking points like "97% of Climate Scientists agree". That's when Coleman went for the jugular. Shortly after this #CNN interview John would pass away making his following quote so much more impact and memorable to me personally.... "In time Climate Change will be proven a lie, but I don't know if it will happen in my life time". RIP Mr. #JohnStewartColeman. Thank you for providing the world with this 6 minutes of non bias insight. Its the only 6 minutes of non bias CNN has ever aired regarding this topic. God bless you.