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Vaccine Passports Be Like:

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

New York City to require proof of vaccine for indoor dining, gyms and entertainment. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new proof of vaccination requirement for most indoor events in New York City, believed to be the first such mandate by an American city.

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IN SUMMARY: In the city of New York, IF you have no VAX you don't get entry to anything in a public place. Yes, this just happened in the USA. They made NY, New York a modern day Internment Quarantine Camp where Gestapo will be asking Americans for their Papers... and if you don't have your papers.....then what? How long until the next Lock Down happens? And whatever the next Lock Down will be, it will be more intense and strict than it was in 2020. This is what #Biden wants because its the fast path to people having more Government dependency to implement a higher degree of Socialism in the USA. Book it!