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US Weekly Jobless Claims Rise

Per the NBC Report U.S. weekly jobless claims unexpectedly rise to 373,000, as job growth slows

Jobless claims were higher than the Dow Jones Estimate. My major question is HOW?

How can the number of people unemployed rise when there are more jobs in the USA (in every demographic possible) than there are employees to fill them? HOW?

The U.S. unemployment rate ticked higher to 5.9% compared with the 5.6% estimate. The News is pitching a softball by saying unemployment payment "claims" decreased. But the unemployment claims are retroactive to the week priors Jobless Claims. How can job growth in the USA slow when everywhere we look there is a "NEED HELP/WE'RE HIRING" sign? When US Job Openings soar to the All Time High in US History. The answer is easy... we have a Democrat in the White House, and Democrat Majority in the House and Senate. And they have appointed their minions that do nothing but enact policy that hurts American Industry and middle class employees. And they want people to leave the job Market. Remember these 3 facts about the US WORKFORCE (imho the number that matters more on that at the end*):

  • 160.2 Million: Trump left office on 1-20-21. The first Feb Labor Report said there was 160.2 million Americans as part of the U.S. workforce.

  • 164.6 Million: Trumps high was 164.6 mill in Jan 2020 before COVID. FYI, thats an all time high in the USA. Additional cnbc link here. So the economies "ceiling" so to speak was established.

  • 161 Million: The labor Force right now,after 6 months of the Biden Administration sits at 161 million. Movement of +800K. Thats an average of only +200k jobs added per month. If Trump only had this kind of job growth the Media would have crucified him. Hell they complained about months where Trump saw +350K jobs added because it was below forecasts of +373K. But back to my point.

Those numbers above mean the Biden administration and his Democrat cronies inherited an economy where 3.6 million vacant jobs were ready to fill. Its why we have HELP WANTED signs on every block in the USA. But Democrats are enabling people to NOT work by incentivizing them with greater unemployment payments. And States are trying to stop them, but on a Federal IRS level they wont be able to. This has become another Biden Manufactured Crisis and nobody has run the real numbers thus far to show it. Well.. other than me. Maybe someone can send those figures to the geniuses at FOX Business, or CNN Moneyline. They will make reasons why its acceptable citing COVID and transition you to focus on the *Unemployment Rates and *US Labor Participation Rates. Thats how they make excuses for the incentives to keep people at home. Because truth is they profit from these actions personally. But that will have to be another post for another day.

*The TOTAL of US Workers that are working can not be misrepresented like the "unemployment rate" and "US labor participation rate" can. Example they manipulate the Unemployment Rate by removing people with expiring benefits. When talking about Total US Workers the number is just because you either work and are counted, or sit at home smoking your hookah, receive unemployment benefits and are not counted.