• TheGoodfella

US General warns ISIS is still a threat???

Watch the 2020 Presidential Debates between Trump and Biden and count how many times the word ISIS is even mentioned.... Debate 1 Debate 2 Heres a fact, its not mentioned. They never even talk about ISIS. Why not? Because it was a non issue. ISIS was beat down, hiding in caverns making zero income and if they came out of their holes Trump would have a MOAB dropped on them. Even just a week ago PBS reported "As ISIS presence dwindles, U.S. troops in Iraq face other threats".

But now, suddenly and magically in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan: "HERE WE GO AGAIN" ISIS HAS RETURNED! Its amazing people cant make the connections. Somehow only months after Biden took the Oath of Office ISIS is an issue again. Golly Geee Whizzz Beaver how can this be? The General even said "In recent months ISIS has gained back strength". Then he called it a "FOREVER WAR". Smh and facepalming so hard in frustration and confusion because... Still nobody can figure out whats going on. Or they don't care to figure it out. That's not the Medias fault because its being reported. That's the fault of hundreds of millions of Americans for not taking the 5 seconds of thought necessary to connect the stories and facts to form the obvious conclusion.