• TheGoodfella

Update: Houston Whistle Blower Reporter Fired

#IvoryHecker, The Reporter in Houston that blew the whistle on Live TV by saying her local Fox affiliate KRIV editors were suppressing what she was allowed to report has been fired.

And her network issues a statement: In a statement to the Daily Beast, KRIV called Hecker, “a disgruntled former employee seeking publicity by promoting a false narrative produced through selective editing and misrepresentation.”

This is yet another instance of many where anyone who takes a stand against the Liberal Progressive Agenda and Narrative is fired, smeared, and reported as unstable. They make an example of you for speaking the truths they dont want the public to know. So ones First Amendment Rights do not apply to Public Reported News or Conservatives with Media Platforms anymore.

Another recent example was when #StarWars #Mandalorian #Disneyplus Star #GinaCarano when she was fired for only speaking her opinions.

Since we have so many more forms of "Media" in today's modern world, why do we have so much less factual communication?