• TheGoodfella

Twas The Night Before Christmas

1 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the House, 2 Pelosi was stirring, to disrupt the trade routes; 3 The welfare was hung in the Rotunda with care, 4 In hopes ignorant voters would continue to care; 5 AOC was frantic while dropping a vid, 6 While visions of socialism danced in her head, 7 And Joe in his diaper, sniffing girls pre-teen, 8 Had ordered evidence deleted on Jeffery Epstein, 9 When out in Atlanta confusion was spawned, 10 Fauci calling for shut downs saying “fear Omnicron” 11 Out the window they tossed our entire comeback,

12 Democrats need COVID and Racism or can’t stay on track, 13 The smirk on the beast of the Media Queen, 14 Gave Psaki a muster to fuel the machine; 15 When, what to our wondering eyes should show up, 16 But a caravan of migrants, who don’t give a fuck, 17 With inflation that’s rising to record percentage, 18 A middle class pay cut Democrats have invented, 19 But liberals are stupid and don’t know the game, 20 Hillary went on TV, and called us by name: 21 "Now! Basket of Deplorables we will make you all listen, 22 "Mandates and fines will force your submission; 23 Employers were desperate in all 50 states, 24 To hire staff that don’t work well but could occupy space,

25 And when product actually hit shelves in stores, 26 Antifa just grabs it and runs through the doors,

27 Then up in his G6, John Kerry flew,

28 To save our extinction from CO2 fumes, 29 A 50 million dollar jet on his government salary, 30 While Joe gives China our mines for car batteries,

31 "Ration your energy consumption" said Kamala, 32 "Americans must live to their needs" like we're in Guatemala, 33 Taliban dressed in US military fatigues, 34 Gifted $84 Billion in weapons to kill 13 Marines, 35 And when our soldiers landed state side in Dover, 36 Biden checked his watch waiting for it to be over,

37 His eyes - how they darkened! his face looked so grave, 38 His cheeks like ice cubes, his true demeanor displayed;

39 His running fat mouth was locked and dismayed, 40 As he blamed everyone else; for the plan he had made, 41 Biden dispatched a Drone and said he “killed 7 combatants”, 42 But only killed 7 children then said “mistakes happen”,

43 And as families buy groceries for fun Christmas dinner, 44 Product shortages and gas prices make the list thinner, 45 And as the Media Drones cheer lead and distract, 46 Democrats take our freedoms we may not get back, 47 Hard to buy gifts unless you have a boat, 48 All the imported junk are in harbors afloat, 49 Biden spoke not a word, waking up from napping, 50 We all know he’s a puppet being controlled by Xi Jinping, 51 And Schumer with lies about Senate intention, 52 While his Governor Cuomo’s still getting his pension, 53 Americans still prisoned for trespassing at the Capital Building,

54 Only Trump asks who’s responsible for Ashli Babbits killing,

55 But I hear patriots exclaim, no truer words spoken, 56 Merry Christmas to all, the election was stolen!