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I will not let #Biden and Liberals pedal these lies that Joe was "locked into Trumps Taliban deal" and this caused everything that happened in Afghanistans Collapse more than a year later.

FACT 1: Trumps Afghan Peace Deal was to broker peace between the Afghan Government and the Taliban. In short the deal was "Taliban do not attack US or Afghan Forces or you will die".

FACT 2: Only four Days after the agreement was made the Taliban attacked Afghan Forces and broke the deal. The next day #Trump freaking Bombed the hell out of the #Taliban. So TRUMP DIDN'T EVEN FOLLOW THE "TRUMP DEAL WITH THE TALIBAN" because the deal was BROKEN and ENDED March 1st 2020.

FACT 3: That nullified any agreement. And days later SOS Pompeo officially announced the agreement of peace was null and void because of the Talibans attack. And there was no new agreement made since then. Yet Biden keeps saying the Evacuation deadline date of "MAY 2ND" as if this was all done recently. But the evac date that was agreed to was MAY 2ND 2020..... NOT 2021. A date that became irrelevant because the deal was terminated the moment the Taliban attacked Afghan forces. FACT 4: Trumps 4 day peace agreement failed. It was worth a try and the USA lost nothing. The Taliban broke the deal as Trump said was possible but hopeful they would not do. Regardless that failed 4 day peace deal had nothing to do with Bidens moronic and stupid decisions that are arguably the worst military decisions in US Military History. Biden owns it. Biden did it. Biden chose to not listen to his own generals, the Afghan Gov, the United Nations, or even the Main Stream Media who told him this would end it tragedy. Biden made these decisions and he should be a man and assume responsibility.

And don't take my word for it. Here's a Gravitas TV segment. They're a big international News show. This segment was aired March 4th 2020. Its all detailed perfectly in this segment:


RUMBLE LINK (same Vid^ just in case YT removes the video):