• TheGoodfella

TRUE JOBS REPORT - Biden: Growing Government

FACT: Biden is growing Government FAST and GOV JOBS were the 2nd largest gain of jobs in July. While its good people are getting back to work, its pretty obvious that #Biden created little to no Leisure/Hospitality Jobs. That's just the result of CA, NY, IL, MI reopening from their extended #COVID Lock Downs. In fact 253,000 of those jobs were Restaurants & Bars. Those jobs were already created. They were just forced to hibernate for winter in Democrat run states. And now they're awake again for summer. However if you subtract all the sectors of Job creation one realities there are 297,000 Jobs created that are not in any industry? How can this be? What are those jobs then? Those are the new Government Jobs that create no revenue and only spend more money paid for by private industry Tax payers.

So if you subtract the Leisure/Hospitality Jobs that are not new and the balance of the Government Jobs, the TRUE Jobs created number is only a meager 266,000 new jobs.