• malgal92115

Time to Boycott Google

The picture below is an update of the new #Google Ads Policy, and an example of the power we have ALL given to "Big Tech". As it reads Google will no longer accept Ad revenues from Fire Arm Deals, manufacturers, parts suppliers, and even Knife retailers.

Theres 2 sides to this Google decision:

1. They're a business, albeit publicly traded that can decide who they do business with. A company has rights, even though Google is anything but a "private company" at this point.

2. They're targeting guns in efforts to support Gun Legislation thus indirectly limiting ones #1A & #2A Rights. Its our right to choose where we shop and sell products, & because Google has MONOPOLIZED Online Shopping Search Engines they now can CONTROL what people can find online to purchase/sell, and possibly even RESEARCH as they continue to rewrite what is permissible. Meanwhile porn sites, Sex Toys, Satanic churches & terrorist organizations can run Ads for their organizations and related products. It appears Google has no problem at all taking ad money from them. I wonder if this will include Cuisinart and Martha Stewarts new kitchen knife sets? Will it include companies like Bass Pro Shop, Sporting Guide, and The Outdoorsman from running ads on all products that promote and enable ones use for firearms? That could include ATVs, boats, trucks, ammunition, and millions of firearm related products that generate billions of dollars to the economy every year. I know its a hard decision to make, but its time to start thinking of a #Boycott on liberal big tech companies like Google and start using alternatives that are more supportive of my LIFESTYLE CHOICES.