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Thousands of US Troops prepare for Russia-Ukraine War

8,500 Troops on high alert and ready to deploy. I am praying to god this is just a bluff. Like a head fake in basketball. If its a big head fake and it works to avoid true conflict I will give Biden some credit. Because basically that's what Trump did a lot of. But Trump would follow through when needed. Because a juke move ONLY works when the competition knows you will follow through and take it to the rim (keeping the basketball analogy) if and when necessary.

Does Putin think Biden will follow through? Probably not. I can't believe he senses any strength or resolve from Joe. On the contrary I believe Putin thinks Biden is a regular political class ruler that is fickle with zero balls. But of course thats just my opinion.

But for the sake of our US Troops I hope this fizzles out. But IF US boots hit the ground in Ukraine and Russia ALL LIBERALS need to start being critical of the President they forced on this Nation. Excuses can't be made when talking about war, national security, and the lives of US Soldiers. It would be time for liberals to face some cold hard facts about what they championed. Side Note: And where is Europe on this? Wheres the UK, France, and Germany? What is the UN doing to put pressure on Putin to stand down? Other than a few token public comments not a damn thing. Almost as if they want this to happen???

A satellite image shows Russian battle groups and vehicles parked in Yelnya, Russia on January 19. (Maxar Technologies/Reuters)