• TheGoodfella

There is no "border crisis"

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Simply put a crisis is a difficult time where something is negatively effecting a large number of people. "Border Crisis"... stop saying it. Because such a thing does not exist. At least such a thing does not exist to Democrats, and certainly not to Joe Biden or Kamala Harris because they want illegal immigration to occur. They need it to happen to ensure a potential liberal leaning demographic grows among the US populace who will naively vote for their agenda. They don't want to stop whats happening at the border. On the contrary they wish they could do more to enable it on a larger scale. And they're trying to. In summary what we have seen in only 4 months of a fully Democrat controlled government is the collapse of the most secure Southern Border the USA has ever had. And the DNC is just warming up. They have roughly 20 months left until the mid terms and they intend to squeeze any juice from the power lemon they possess until its dehydrated and turns to dust.

Expect nothing more from them.