• malgal92115

The Left’s America: Victims & Oppressors

The current state of affairs, according to the Left, can be quite confusing but if you look through all of the Left’s jargon and doublespeak you’ll notice repeating patterns: the Victim groups and the Oppressors.*

According to the Left, the “Oppressors” have “privilege” they “need to check their privilege.” I’m sure you all have noticed the many poor white people and many rich minorities. So then how can there be “white privilege?” It’s just the typical contradictory talk by the Left.

See the Left is not going to let inconvenient facts and truths get in the way of their Oppressor-Victim agenda, it’s much too important for the Left to push this agenda (it’s the foundation of the Left’s ideology of “identity politics”).

According to the Left, the oppressed groups (aka “Victims”) are the LGBTQ, racial minorities and women. But, white women depending on the context could be minorities (aka “Victims”) or the “Oppressor.” It’s just more contradictory talk by the Left.*

Oh, it’s all so confusing and contradictory in the Left’s America with the multi-millionaire “Victim” NFL athletes protesting at the national anthem and the “privileged” white homeless people.


*Some people believe the victim & oppressor agenda the Left pushes comes from “Cultural Marxism” (for more information: )

*White women as the “Oppressor”: