• TheGoodfella

The Birth of a new Social Media Platform:

Make Social Media Great Again! This new Social Media Network is made by OAN (One America News Network) and the 45th POTUS. I have anticipated a serious competitor for Facebook for some time now. At least one that Conservatives could utilize to actually communicate facts. Facts such as "Trump Russian Collusion is a hoax", or "COVID-19 was created in a China Lab", and all the other stories Linked here.

Facebook would use their Fact Checkers to INSTANTLY censor and make conservatives appear as liars and crazy conspiracy theorists. They would also say "Your post violates our policy for spam, inaccurate news, or non complete stories". Whatever reason to discredit and remove content they could provide. But months later what would happen? Facts would be released and we would learn that our posts were not misleading, spam, or lies. We would learn they were factual. Such as when the Mueller Report was released that said "There was no Russian Collusion", or when Dr. Faucci's emails are released proving he knew COVID was made in a China lab the entire time. But remember that #Trump, the #POTUS had his FB and Twitter account banned for reasons that are far from the truth. They said he incited violence at the Capital. Trumps FB Profile is STILL live here Yet no liberal can actually identify and point out the post where Trump incites violence. Meanwhile leaders of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Mexican Cartels, and even domestic terrorist groups on the FBI watch list still have their accounts. Its the online Gestapo of our time. There is zero difference of what Democrats did to social media then what Hitler did to push his propaganda to German Citizens that didnt want to be the Nazi Reich. In time they were forced to anyways though. We ALL know its true. Even Democrat voters know Facebook and Twitter became Democrat Propaganda tools. So I am happy to have joined the new FREE TALK 45 PLATFORM. Its clean, fully functional, has a downloadable Mobile App, and there are zero DEMOCRAT-GESTAPO FACT CENSORS ANYWHERE! Click the link or Freetalks Eagle Logo below, start an account and FOLLOW #GOODFELLATHOUGHTS!