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Terrorist Attack in Norway is on Biden

A brief Summary of the attack, A 37 year old Muslim Convert named Espen Anderson Brathen went on a Terrorist rampage shooting, injuring, and murdering people with a compound bow and arrow.

Norway Intelligence service was aware of him, his Muslim allegiance and his previous threats he posted on his Facebook page as early as 2017, including:

"Hello, I'm a messenger. I come with a warning. Is this really what you want? And for all who want to make up for themselves, so its time. Bear witness that I am a Muslim." SIDE NOTE at the time of publishing this post his Facebook account was STILL ACTIVE. Amazing right?

The Norway Investigation only moments ago have officially called this a Terrorist Attack.

KONGSBERG, Norway - A Danish man suspected of a bow-and-arrow attack in a small Norwegian town that killed five people is a Muslim convert who was previously flagged as having been radicalized, police said Thursday. Norway's national security agency said the suspect's actions “currently appear to be an act of terrorism.”

This man has been a radical Muslim terrorist since 2017, but he chose to act now. Why?

Terrorist attacks to civilians all across the world happen much more frequently when your American President enables Terrorist Organizations like the Taliban to prosper.

Terrorist attacks happen more when your American President GIFTS Terrorist Organizations $84 Billion in advanced US Weaponry.

Terrorist attacks are what happens when your US President allows a active Terrorist Group to control a nation, kill any opposition, enslave and rape children, women...or men who stand against them.

Terrorist attacks are what always occur when your US President lets Terror groups spread their influence freely by making actual business deals with communist China's government so they can all make money off of stupid American consumers who are convinced they're helping solve "climate change" by having electric cars.