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Suddenly America LOVES 💕 Russian Oil🛢️

Does anyone find this amazing? The country that is painted as our "enemy" that we're all led to believe not to like just became our #3 provider of oil and refined products passing Saudi Arabia. The reason given is because we basically boycotted oil from Brazil last year because of the sanctions on Nicolas Maduro’s "regime". Madura the big threat to "democracy" as so many reports let us all know. Now to not sound insensitive to human beings that need help I wanna state I understand what some are going through there. Narcotrafficking, illegal gold mining, and money-laundering operations, etc. Its sad for those people. And its obvious Madura was involved in it all. But the same happens in Russia, China, Africa, and others. The same happens in many countries around the world and the USA Business and Politicials never bat an eye. Its par for the course. But when someone took over their oil industry that disrupted the apple cart in some way there was hell to pay. After the Madura scandals the USA Energy Department cited COVID as the reason for an increase in US Oil bought from Russia. You can see how much we import from Russia Historically here in this image here (linked to eia.giv source) :

But to stay on topic I digress. I'm sorry for steering off the path there but its relevant in the grand scheme of it all. I could go on forever just about that. Now currently in March 2021 we imported the HIGHEST amount of Oil from Russia in US History. In only 2 months of a #JoeBiden Presidency, and after he canceled US pipelines (Keystone, ANWAR), and after he opened Ukraine (Nordstream 2 Pipeline) back to the Russians the USA imported close to 22.9 billion gallons of oil from Putin. The most ever but the liberal Press core just fail to mention it because it begs people to ask the question....


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