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"Step Down" - Retired US Generals & Admirals to Bidens DOD

A group of retired US Generals & Admirals wrote an open letter calling for #Biden’s Department of Defense officials to step down after the result of the completely failed Afghanistan withdrawal.

The letter is endorsed by a total 87 different Generals, Lieutenant Generals, Brigadier Generals, Major Generals, Admirals, Rear Admirals, Vice Admirals from all branches of service. I have never seen this amount of top military brass make such a big statement. Usually these public letters are just political theater moves by the parties where the usual 2-5 select Generals read what the Dems/Repubs want said. Most in the media, and even the general public knows they're only partisan hacks. But not this many… Not 87 in a unified effort. Its astounding actually. Its shocking to the core of the US Military I'm sure.

The letter brings up the body count left behind by the Biden team, including the 13 service members who died violently. Read the letter blow but heres an paragraph I thought was intriguing:

“The consequences of this disaster are enormous and will reverberate for decades beginning with the safety of Americans and Afghans who are unable to move safely to evacuation points; therefore, being de facto hostages of the Taliban at this time. The death and torture of Afghans have already begun and will result in a human tragedy of major proportions. The loss of billions of dollars in advanced military equipment and supplies falling into the hands of our enemies is catastrophic. The damage to the reputation of the United States is indescribable. We are now seen and will be seen for many years, as an unreliable partner in any multinational agreement or operation. Trust in the United States is irreparably damaged.”

I downloaded the letter and uploaded directly to our blog server just in case the original posting link listed below is somehow removed by Big Tech. You can read or download the letter here:

DOD Resignation Letter 083021
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