• FreedomOrDeath

Stacey Abrams Run For President

Stacey Abrams, the socialist in GA that probably enabled #electionfraud in Fulton County WILL BE Running for #President in 2024.

I'm betting all my chips she will deny running for #georgiagovernor race in 2022. A sign that my prediction is accurate is she posted the tour list image (below) to her website page today.

Now usually someone who is running for Governor of Georgia typically tour places like Augusta and Valdosta, not Detroit and San Antonio. So she has her sights on a more broad and National Brand.... possibly #POTUS. Lord help us.

Now it is possible that she is running for GA Gov and just trying to build her national brand for a future Senate or House run somewhere. But if so, it’s pretty obvious she won’t be running to represent Georgians, but the same big, out of state liberal donors who have always owned her. But she wouldn't be touring nationally unless a larger office is in her eyes. Stay tuned.