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SOS Blinken FLIP FLOPS on Afghan Plane Hostages in only 12 hours

Please tell me how a SOS can go from THIS to THIS in less than 12 hours?

#AnthonyBlinken not only 12 hours ago said he was "unaware of the Taliban holding US Hostages on Airplanes and not allowing them to leave".

But now today he says "The Taliban are blocking planes with people from leaving Afghanistan" and that there may be 'US passengers'.

Blinken offered no retraction or admission of inaccurate intel. He didn't say he was wrong in his statements the day before and he gave no reason as to why. He just completely changed course on his statements and carried on as if he never said anything to the contrary.

Even though there are thousands of pictures of the 6 planes and hundreds of videos from trapped passengers inside the plane circulating on international websites and US sites like #GETTR & Twitter.

The #Biden administration can’t keep there lies straight at this point.