• TheGoodfella

So you want to get rid of police do you?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The first 3 months of 2021 saw the most homicides in Chicago since 2017. Most violent crimes in a single month in 28 years. Its the same in Atlanta. Homicide is up 61%. Its become so bad that Buckhead GA who pays the majority of state tax revenue in the ATL metro wants to leave the city of Atlanta and form a city of its own. Its the same in San Francisco. Homicide is up 58%. Its the same nationally in all major cities. Homicide up an average of 54%

Q & A time Q: What happened in 2016? A: Trump empowered Police and allowed them to do their jobs. Q: What happened in 2021? A: Biden and Democrats are de-funding police and preventing accountability under law. Its not hard to see what happens when you shit on the people that help keep you safe. You cut their pay, smear them, make them the suspects, demonize their duty, and create public distrust. Then police quit their line of work, or move to locations that are more supportive (Conservative states/areas). And the liberal states/areas that now find a void spin into turmoil. Seattle WA comes to mind. Its amazing how the Radical Lefts thinking could have led to this. They wanted it. They have it. And now they cant even blame Trump for it anymore. But because they preach no criminal accountability why would anyone expect them to take accountability for what they wanted? Its not hard to find the root cause of all this..... Heres one last clue....its not Conservative policies. Original Story