• TheGoodfella

SCOTUS Votes - Requiring ID to VOTE is OK and CONSTITUTIONAL

I guess this means REQUIRED ID TO VOTE isn’t racist anymore? What will Democrats do in 2022?? And a 6-3 Ruling. Thank you President Trump. Because if #HillaryClinton, or a #GeorgeWBush, Establishment hack Republican had beat Hillary there would be ZERO way the #SCOTUS would have made this ruling, preserving American's Right to have their vote counted fairly among the populace.

And right after the ruling #JoeBiden is now asking Congress to Pass Unconstitutional Law to nullify states requiring a ID to vote that the highest Court in the Land just said was in fact Constitutional. They know they cant win legit.

And politicians winning elections legit is really what all Americans should want. And voter ID laws are the only way it seems possible now. Requiring everyone to show an ID to vote does not restrict ones right to cast a vote. It only ensures peoples right to have their votes counted fairly among the populace.


The United States Supreme Court ruled, Thursday, that two “Republican-backed ballot restrictions” in the state of Arizona do not violate the Voter Rights Act of 1965, opening the door for voter restriction measures nationwide