• TheGoodfella

SCOTUS Kills another Democrat Witch Hunt to hurt Trump

The Democrat led House Judiciary Committee has been trying for a while to get the U.S. Supreme Court to grant them an all access pass to the grand jury's Un-redacted Robert Mueller report from the now defunct Russia Collusion investigation. All so they could make more wild allegations to portray Trump as "the bad guy" by twisting the meanings of a word or a phrase into meaning something it was not intended to mean. Well that witch hunt is now dead because the SCOTUS voted to end the Democrats attempts to gain any access to the materials. And of course Democrats are livid. Conservatives have not seen Democrats this upset since Republicans freed their slaves. Every Democrat effort to paint Trump as some evil person always seem to fail. Not because the Democrats are not trying hard enough. Of course they're trying hard because thats actually all they do. All they ever try to do is find something in #Trumps past they can use to smear him. They continue to fail because they can never produce actual EVIDENCE. They can never find anything that would legitimize any of the allegations they create out of thin air. They never have anything canon to their own tales. They only ever have a bag of nothing. Russian Collusion, Tax Returns/Tax Cheat, Cohen, Ties with Russian Banks & golden showers from Putins hookers, Russian Bounties, Kids in Cages, Protesters at Lafayette Park, COVID Origins.....HERES MY COMPLETE LIST (for your reference). It NEVER stops. Even after each of their allegations are proven false the Democrats lies and baseless attacks progress and seem to endure. And they never will stop. Lie after Lie can be debunked and they will just manufacture a new allegation to keep their momentum going. Which brings me to my closing point. The continued failures of elected Democrats to find wrongness in anything about Donald J Trump only proves one thing with absolution...That Democrat voters are the most stupid and naive lifeforms on the planet. A wild animal that acts impulsively and only on instincts has little to no ability to rationalize thoughts into procedure. But they somehow learn that you don't go outside and graze the hunting grounds in broad day light.They use the intelligence they have to avoid threats. Even if a hunter or predator tries to trick them by setting a misleading trap they remember what was bad and try to avoid it in the future. Even a basic simple single-celled organism somehow, someway can actually detect threats to its well being and decide what the best response is to stay away from that threat. But Democrat Voters do neither. They don't remember the lies and they never recognize the threats. They will never attempt to stay away from that which continues to trick them and use them to their advantage. They just continue on as mindless zombies lost in a fog they love to walk around aimlessly in with no goal or intentions to learn realities. But in turn they believe they're highly intelligent/educated and continue to claim that Conservative "Trump supporters are a dumb cult". This is possibly the greatest hypocritical idiom in world history.

Congressional Democrats’ years-long attempt to nail down whether then-President Donald Trump lied to special counsel Robert Mueller effectively ended on Friday, with the US Supreme Court wiping away court decisions where the House Judiciary Committee was told it could access secret grand jury records from key witnesses in the Mueller investigation. The House now won’t get those grand jury records — bringing to a close Democrats’ pursuit of what witnesses in the Mueller investigation said confidentially under oath about their interactions with Trump and others during the 2016 campaign.