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San Jose CA "We Shall Infringe" on 2A

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

I have a very good friend that lives in the San Jose California area. For this article lets refer to him as "C". He's a proud first generation Hispanic American and a outspoken Conservative who values his rights very much. I only mention his ethnicity because its a combination the Left doesn't want people to know exists. Other than that there is no reason to mention his ethnic background. To me, hes just a friend I can trust and count on to be there if necessary. Hes a great guy.

So why am I talking about "C" then. I decided to vaguely introduce my readers here to"C" because yesterday his Constitutional Rights we're nullified by his local San Jose City government.

The City Council voted unanimously to attack the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. As most of the nation knows, California already has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation but now it surpassed a new level of crazy. Firearm Owners in the city of San Jose will be forced to pay annual taxes to own their guns now. They will also have to carry a mandated special insurance coverage simply because they own a firearm. And heres the decision that Jumped the Proverbial Constitutional Shark..... Failure to be in compliance with their new law will result in ones weapons being confiscated.

GUN CONFISCATION.... Its now officially on the table my fellow patriots. To my knowledge those two words have never officially been in a passed legislation mandating a direct circumventing of our Second Amendment. I know the immediate thought from the rest of the nation is "big deal, its CA, they're crazy libs so let them lose their freedoms". But we can NOT allow our understandable resentment for the "Woke Coast" to sacrifice the Constitutional Freedoms of any American. After all, not everyone there is a liberal goon. My friend "C" is a perfect example. And I will be clear... CA is only the test tube for the disease that Liberals wish to spread everywhere else. I have seen this many times in my life. CA leftist lawmakers create local laws that indoctrinate a degree of intrinsic necessity based on lies. Then it spreads from the inside out and never stops. To the point there is no room in the host for the disease to continue growing and it must find a new host. Nevada, Utah, Texas, Georgia.... Liberalism spreads like a California Wildfire, only when the forest is gone, the burning embers find their way to other forests several thousand miles away. Its a "Controlled Burn" to try and explain it simply.

We (as in the entire nation) should all be concerned with this... The left fully understands what the phrase "Shall Not Be Infringed" means. And they mean to Infringe purposely.

STORY LINK Gun owners in San Jose, California, will soon face a yearly tax and be required to carry additional insurance after their city council voted unanimously Tuesday evening to impose the new measures.