• TheGoodfella

The Biden Wars Begin- Russia launches full-scale attack in Ukraine

Dear Liberals , please tell me again about all the “right wing propaganda and lies" regarding Putin/Russia setting up to invade Ukraine.

Jesus this world needs Trump back yesterday. You liberals have pretty much fucked the entire world. But hey…. No mean tweets right? Remember all the crazy lying liberals complaining about how "dangerous Trump was" and he was "going to start World War III"? Oh just wait until the US Bio Weapons in Ukraine are seized by Russia... thats going to happen 100%.

In short you soft, whiny, think you know it all Liberals who voted against Trump to prop up a failed 50 year Establishment hack have willed this to reality. If you voted for Joe you helped cause this. You are responsible for The Biden Wars. Own it. And know there are more to come. The Biden Wars have only just begun.

Again liberals fail to realize that Biden is allowing Russia/Putin to invade Ukraine. Biden and Putin are on the same team. China/Xi are licking their chops to invade Taiwan now. Biden will move in US forces to Ukraine to stand around and "occupy". He won't allow them to fight the way Trump allowed USM to defeat ISIS in Iraq in about 5 months time. No sir, it will be more of the same as in the past, US Forces slowly being picked off for years until suddenly theres 1000 dead, then 2K, then 3K. We have done this all before. After all lets remember, Biden voted to NOT move in and kill Osama Bin Laden on May 2nd 2011. One would think the genius leftists could figure it all out by now. But at this point I think its safe to give up hope they can learn on their own anymore. This is just the next step in the Globalization plans. Truth is Trump couldn’t stop this. He just delayed it. It can only be stopped if Democrat voting liberal progressives learn they’re 1000% wrong. And that can and will never happen Because “they know so much that isn’t so.” But libtards will never admit they're wrong. In fact, the MSM is already spinning Russia Invading Ukraine to be the fault of Former President Trump. The narratives will start out slow and then intensify as each day goes on. The same way they tried to blame Trump for the fall of Afghanistan being taken over by the Taliban.

And just wait until the war on US Drivers kicks in. The same liberals in CA, NY, and IL complaining of $5-7/gallon gas aint seen nothing yet. And whats the latest excuse and reasoning from the left and echoed via The New Yorker? "This war is happening because the Cold War never really ended". Or liberals are just saying Putin has a war coming and its time to Nuke him. It takes a special kind of person to want to wage nuclear holocaust rather than admit their political choices were inaccurate. I call those people Democrats.

In closing its just awesome to see the hypocrisy of those who believed 'the fake Russia conspiracy' after the 2016 election now claiming they’re standing up for democracy. How deep down the rabbit hole can these people go?


Biological Threat Reduction Program - U.S. Embassy in Ukraine (