• malgal92115

Racist Rap Song From Waukesha Killer

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

This is the racist song titled X by #Waukesha Murderer #DarrellBrooks (aka Mathboi Fly).

IF this racist song was created by a white man spewing his hatred of black people, and that same white man drove over a bunch of black people in #Waukesha THIS song would be used by the media & the left to validate a #HateCrime . AND after listening it wouldn't even be debatable and I would agree it was a racist who killed black people and I would want a hate crime charge included in his punishment. But this song is recorded by #DarrelBrooks preaching his hatred for white people, so nobody cares. No Conservative media play it to expose it, no Republicans mention it, and most Social Media don't care to share it. Because God forbid we would want to help prove a Hate Crime for the Waukesha victims right?

Lyrics include: "FU#K DONALD TRUMP", "This that Malcom X Shyt Revolutionary", "These Devils try to take me down", "Police is tripping Fu#k around and be a shooting victim", Fu#k a pig and a judge", among many others.

NOTE: The pictures in the video are a collection of his own song image covers. This post is not to further his career as his skills are limited and generic, but to prove he raps racist content before the media attempts to make him sound like a saint.

This is a GoodfellaThoughts First Exclusive. If you see or hear it anywhere else in MSM news or even Conservative Broadcasting... THEY GOT IT HERE.

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