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Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain: George Soros

This man is the real pandemic. Not only to the USA, and not only because of his recent $1 million transfer to help defund US Police (article Below), but to freedom and democracy everywhere on Earth. How he is allowed to operate internationally, hiding behind the hundreds if not thousands of shells and corporate veils he has set up across the world is no mystery. However the way he avoids all public scrutiny is. I will try to communicate simply and clearly what this mans involvement to this world is, and why people much more informed and educated that myself call him "The Devil of the Details". Its almost impossible to track this mans movements. You would need something like a dedicated Robert Mueller special counsel of investigators over 3 years time to uncover all the bodies this man has buried. But it seems a man of this power doesn't get investigated. Especially when hes funding the leftist Democrats that seem to be the ones that can enable such investigations. Nobody talks about him. Hes the guy that everyone in government knows about, but nobody ever speaks of. He is "The man behind the curtain" that nobody publicly "Pays attention" to. Here is an amazing online list with descriptions by a site author that has tracked Soros funded organizations for years. You will see the more known organizations like Media Matters, Antifa, ACLU, etc. But its the lesser know that people are usually in awe of. Like The Global Exchange, a group that was started in the 80's by someone who was basically Fidel Castro's PR person (LINK). She made a life interest of hating America, our foreign policy and promoting Communism in the USA. Shes one of the Commies biggest US advocates ever imho. Or check out a little company called J Street, basically a independent group that siphon's funs to Hama's.. ya know the terrorist organization that hates America and the Western Way of Life? And most notably the Brookings Institution. Oh wow, where to begin with them... they're the guys who tell the U.N. what to do basically. To my knowledge, and in attempts to be fair and accurate they are like the bank to the banks. In all problems where one must investigate and conduct analysis of a the core root cause... Brookings is always there in 99/100 International Diplomatic Government transactions and negotiations. COVID included.

But its so difficult to understand the mans network. Its beyond complex. His involvements in India somehow mask his involvements in lower organizations not included on this list. Ones that may be complete irrelevant to the USA, but elsewhere in the world can cause panic and hysteria that result to market sell offs in the USA and Asian Markets. And somehow this guy benefits. To put it simple and to use a modern day pop culture reference of comparison I believe many will understand better, hes like the old, fat guy Dreykov in the new MCU movie Black Widow. He runs his network of Widows to influence, manipulate, and force global powers to do what he wants. And if they don't, he unleashes the muscle of the Widows to further force their hands. Meanwhile hes pro left in all destructive ways. Republicans fighting this man is beyond difficult. Honestly Republicans have the Koch family and their power, money, and influence. But as powerful as David Koch is domestically, I believe he pales in comparison to what Soro's is capable of on a global scale. Because Koch has a weakness... his soul. If Conservatism is to see the next generation one of two things must happen.... Republicans must expose him and somehow break apart his underground empire hes formed in the shadows of every country on the planet, or he has to die. Lucky for Conservatives of this planet, hes 90 years old. Because I don't see Republican leaders having the balls to go after him to the point they win.

George Soros funneled $1M to defund the police movement as violent crime continues to surge
The sum was Soros’s largest political donation of the 2021 election cycle and supported the PAC’s efforts to slash police budgets.
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