• malgal92115

Open Letter to Liberal Voters

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Dear Liberals,

For 4 years all Liberals did was cry about made up issues like Russian Collusion, Tax Evasion, Quid Pro Quo, Gassing Protesters, etc. It never ended. Here at GoodfellaThoughts we even have a list of those lies. Every week a new fake and manufactured reason to hate a political opponent was reported as fact, and echoed through the liberal grapevines like gospel. All the way to the point where "Independent Fact Checkers" validated lies while pretending to be the arbiters of truth.

And now we know with certainty everything they said was false. But the lies were believed in real time, and even though debunked months to years later, those beliefs were irreversible. And as a result of those propaganda driven, misconstrued beliefs for 4 years all the left said was “Anyone would be better than Trump.” And now Democrats have a fraudulently elected President and REAL crises are popping up all over the world as a result. Inflation Crisis, Border Crisis, Afghanistan Crisis, Supply Shortage Crisis, Employee Crisis, Coin Crisis…. It never ends.

In efforts to keep Democrat voters convinced that "Orange man is bad and Biden is our savior" Democrat leaders point out singular isolated incidents that happened during Trumps Presidency in efforts to validate entire crises that are impacting tens of millions of people. Its not working. Not at all. The left got what they wanted and now you liberal voters can’t admit you made a mistake, or that your judgement was skewed by the people you voted for. I challenge every liberal to have courage and face the reality of what they have helped to cause:

The worst president in the history of the USA who owns full credit for one of the worst military blunders in World History that will have ended tens of thousands of innocent peoples lives. All while he cripples America and empowers China in the process.

You don't have to embrace Trump. You don't have to do a 360 degree turn on your core liberal beliefs and love Republicans. Most real Conservatives will even tell you that some Republicans are not much different than Biden. But you must admit this golden calf of a President you gave us is a complete disaster. There's no more time for apologies and empty hope. Terrorists now control a Country. A country China will use against us in every way possible. This is all happening in real life. Its tangible and no longer just theoretical politics anymore. Its been manifested into a bad reality. Please face that reality with us together.

Fake Elections Have Consequences and we’re all forced to live through them now. And we all know there are only a few ways to correct this mistake. And bickering among each other to benefit a few people that don't care about us is not where that solution starts.