• TheGoodfella

NY AG Report: Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women - WILL HE BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE???

#Cuomo sexually harassed and even molested women. He violated State and Federal Law. He did it for sure. The New York Attorney General announced they have the physical evidence. There's no debating IF he's guilty of the crime anymore. So please Liberals don't defend this loser. He did it. Accept it. The End.

The remaining question is will anything happen? Without a doubt if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was a Republican he'd be forced to resign, indicted, and then burnt at the stake. But he's a Democrat....So that means probably nothing will happen. Nothing at all. He is protected. There will be no #MeToo movement. No Pink Vagina Hats marching at his home. No NYPD arresting him. Nothing. Cuomo is a Democrat who sexually harassed and molested women who will hide behind the criminal veil of the DNC. So because hes a democrat he will get off scot free. And Democrat Voters will have to live with that.