NFL Does Not Deserve Its Fans (Who It Repeatedly Stabs In The Back)

Well before the Gruden email hit job, the NFL has revealed itself to be a communist radical Left tool that is used to attack white guys. The NFL is begging white guys to boycott it.

Just when in this country did it become acceptable to scrutinize private emails from 10 years ago in hopes of ruining yet another white guy?? Radical liberals are playing with fire.

Proof NFL is a tool for communism (just some of the mountain of evidence):

  • In addition to smearing white guys and ruining their careers via Cancel Culture

  • NFL pledges its allegiance to BLM (a self described “Marxist” aligned organization)

  • Allowing clear anti-American (i.e. communist/Marxist) politics to be on obvious display before every game (e.g. by kneeling during the national anthem). The Radical Left can use whatever excuse they want, the obvious message is to disrespect to the U.S. flag and undermine the U.S.

  • Using the radical Left (Marxist) mob on twitter, other social media and other Leftist media to pressure patriots such as Drew Brees into apologizing because Brees disagreed with kneeling (i.e. disrespect of U.S.) during the national anthem.

  • BLM is indirectly supported and funded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a government, who has made it obvious with its clear intent to undermine and weaken the U.S.