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Next visit to a restaurant expect higher prices

Its not rocket science and you don’t need a masters degree in economics to understand basic principals of business life (or life in general for that matter). Some people refer to that as COMMON SENSE. When your costs increase what must you do to survive? Either find a new gig or raise your prices to whoever your customers may be.

It sure seems this is what happens every time a liberal comes into power doesn’t it? the naivety of their broke voting base buys their hype that they’re here to help them. Then all costs associated with living sky rocket and they more broke than they were previousl.

Meanwhile conservative voters who directly vote against these type of liberal policies are busy trying to EARN more money to recoup the loss suffered at the hands of a Democrat President, Speaker of the House, and Senate Majority Leader.

Diners can expect menu substitutions, higher prices at restaurants as food costs rise
Restaurateurs are especially feeling the heat as their food costs continue to climb.
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