NBA & Lebron, You, Are On Notice: Fellow NBA Player Calls Out Sellouts NBA & Lebron

Boston Celtics player Enes Kanter called out the NBA and NBA player LeBron James on Thursday. Kanter in a social post, below is the photo, included an emoji of the Chinese flag next to "Big Boss," implying that the NBA and James are sell outs to the mass murdering Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government.

The post shows photos with shoes that have writing on the toes reading: "Principals > Money" and "Morals > Money." CCP government is a totalitarian regime that has killed its own people in the thousands simply for protesting the CCP. No one dares to oppose or even criticize the CCP in China because they know that if they do so they could be immediately executed.

In 1989, the CCP executed thousands of Chinese people in Tiananmen Square, China, for simply protesting against the CCP government.

NBA, you, are on notice: you should be cancelled for supporting the mass murdering human killing machine, China’s CCP. Sports fans can cancel the NBA by stop watching NBA games.