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"My Butts Been Wiped" - Joe Biden

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Watch this and ask yourself the simple question: "How is this guy the President of the United States of America?". This is the man in charge of Freedom and our Economy. The Commander of the strongest military in the world. The person with the Nuclear Codes. [continued below video]

And here we are hearing about his butts hygiene level. Seriously what is wrong with this mans brain. A cognitive test is needed here. But I know WHO that leads to...#Kamala. And that is probably worse and what they want. Now possibly Biden intended to and was trying to say something "Left Behind What?". Of course that to would make zero sense in regards to the reporters question about if "immigration should be in reconciliation". Because there isnt anything Left Behind so that isnt a possible answer. He clearly says what he said "My butts been wiped". Maybe it was a bad joke but C'MON MAN! That doesnt make sense at all either. I mean I am trying to be Devils Advocate here and give the guy an excuse. But nothing can make me UN-HEAR that^. And IF he was trying to say something else and failed that bad, what indication of this man mental state does that provide to us. How confident can we actually be in him after this? And if he did intend to say what it sounds exactly like he said WHO WIPED HIS BUTT? America has a right to know. I mean CNN kissed his butt. New York Times covers his butt. But who is wiping the Presidents butt? I cant believe I just typed that.


EDIT: Below Image

EDIT: Snopes confirms the video is authentic but wont confirm that Biden said “My Butts Been Wiped”. IF you need a fact checker to confirm what your own eyes can see and what your own ears can hear, you may be a cultist mind controlled liberal zombie. Anyways heres a link above and a screenshot below, lets see if snopes changes their site after the Biden Administration gives them their orders.