• TheGoodfella

MSM Liberals Want to Cancel Statue of Liberty

In reality Lady Liberty has been a target by the left for sometime now. But to date the anti sentiment was contained within the more fringe, extreme left wing groups making public outcry posts on websites like: “Petition to Remove Statue of Liberty” or

when Liberal “Historians” say things on PBS like: “The Statue of Liberty and other monuments were efforts to reimpose white supremacy and rewrite history. They are racism memorialized in our public spaces."

But to my knowledge the socialists who want to remove the Statue of Liberty were never driven by the Main Stream Media or core of the Democrat Party.... until now. Which makes perfect sense because the current MSM and Democrat Party are being run by the people I once considered as members of the more fringe, extreme left wing groups. Simply put those extremists are running the show now. The new bosses are dictating the directives. And the more sane, level headed, centrist leaning Democrat voters across America have not been able to see whats hiding within the DNC in plain sight. So today we get a major Washington Post Story how the #StatueofLiberty is "racist, meaningless and doesn't measure up to American ideals". All the typical expected verbiage in a single MSM article to remove anything regarding America's history. So the effort to remove Lady Liberty has officially begun within the actual Democrat party now. And whats interesting is many of the same rhetorical phrases in the article are exactly the same words that Leftists in the House spoke last week when the House Votes to Remove Confederate Statues inside Capital. Which all but proves there is a focused effort by the media and leftists in government to cancel American History. And now more emboldened than ever before they have come for a global symbol and beacon of Freedom... The Statue of Liberty. The crazy left does not care to stop. And Conservatives better figure out their opponents are no longer regular Democrats anymore. This is not the Democrat Party of JFK. Not even close. This is a new blue wave of extremists willing to do whatever it takes to wash away our Freedoms in America...

“the statue is just as meaningless or foreign to others, a sign without significance, or worse, a symbol of hypocrisy or unfulfilled promises.“

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