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Monmouth University poll shows 80% of Americans support voter ID

Monmouth Poll Results Link

Poll results to require Voter ID Broken down by Party: 91% of Republicans 62% of Democrats, and 87% of independents. Poll results to allow in-person early voting access 56% of Republicans 89% of Democrats 68% of Independents Poll results to make voting by mail easier 26% of Republicans 84% of Democrats 40% of Independents The result do not surprise me to be honest. The heart of America wants free and fair elections and I believe even the leftist Democrat voters recognize something was fishy at 3 AM in the morning in Dekalb GA, Philadelphia PA, Milwaukee WI, Detroit MI and Maricopa AZ.

But whats eye opening is that so many overwhelmingly support people showing an ID to vote even though Democrats often argue that voter ID laws are a form of voter suppression and