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Manhattan DA no Criminal Charges in Trump Tax Case

What a surprise right? 4 year investigation that found absolutely Butkus. Notta. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nothing. Conservatives laughing their asses off while Democrats have to ponder how their media and political leaders lied WHILE TRUMP TOLD THE TRUTH.… AGAIN!

So now that the tax witch hunt is behind Trump the question on everyones mind is whats the next lying, witch hunt, scheme the Democrats will launch against him?

Manhattan DA - No Criminal Charges Against Trump
Donald Trump won't be personally charged in the Manhattan district attorney's case against the former president's business organization when the first indictment comes down, his attorney claimed.

EDIT: 06/29/2021 - 3:21AM Its more like an addition to the news above than an edit. I just find it amazing that this news is out in European and Australian main stream media (TV and online) but no US News is saying a word about "Trumps taxes" anymore. My prediction is someone in the Trump Organization will be charged though. Like some accountant assistant who forgot to dot an i, cross a t or file some tax form for a surprise Christmas bonus someone received 18 years ago. Something frivolous like that so Democrats can pound how the the Trump organization is corrupt. Remember how the Robert Mueller Report completely exonerated Trump and any associate of Russian Collusion but purposely left the small door of investigation obstruction open. Mueller didn't say he did obstruct but refused to say he didnt. Then listed instances that are not obstruction of his investigation such as "public denial". This NY Manhattan Investigation will do something similar. EDIT: 06/29/2021 - 8:35AM So Politico verified the news and released. That means TV coverage and online MAY follow. They use many words to flip the facts though. Words like "currently, and planning" to leave the possibility of a change open. The MSM in the USA can not just report a factoid anymore.