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Life 2.0 - Virtual Reality Thought Crime

We have all heard the line "Science Fiction is becoming Reality" many times over in recent past. But I am re-emphasizing that sentiment with this post. I plan on writing this blog post to include various movie references to make it easier to understand my point. I've sat here and pondered how best to express my thoughts on this matter and how best to make sense to our readers without sounding crazy. I believe pop culture references are the best way to do so. So here goes....

With the news breaking about how Mark Zuckerberg is on the verge of "rebranding Facebook" into the next level of some type of Virtual Social Media I started to contemplate what this means for the world.

Its crazy to imagine that some of the possibilities the 2018 movie "Ready Player One" detailed are about to come to fruition. And of course Ready Player One the book series from 2011 by US author Ernest Cline goes much further into detail. But the movies synopsis is enough to help comprehend the significance of whats about to happen.

In summary Ready Player One is a fictional story set in the near future where human beings have little to no freedom anymore in the real world. They're trapped into zones for their own protection and told its dangerous to leave. However they are free as birds in their Virtual World. They escape the reality of the real world where they live in cities of single wide trailers stacked 10-20 high and go to their virtual world and become whatever they want, do whatever they want, and live free. In short, reality is an ugly place and the virtual world is full of hope, glamour, success, and beauty.

Welcome to the start of decades of mental conditioning for future generations to become that reality. COVID, War, Famine, Weather, Crime, even widespread Government Corruption is all to scary and dangerous to have people venture outside the permissible boundaries. We need special identifications, just cause, vaccines, etc. to maintain what was always a normal right in America. So to maintain SAFETY and ORDER its much better for people to remain where they are and be appreciative for having a "safe space". A concept also made popular in the Novel/TV series Colony.

The VRW (Virtual Reality World) will become more important than the real world in this scenario. Because freedom is addictive to anyone who has used it before. So if freedom is available only within the confines of the VRW people will hunger for it and want to spend most of their time there. Now imagine that on a Global Scale. So the Globalists of the world accomplish their one true goal of world wide subjugation. And they convinced people to submit voluntarily. Think of a big "OPT IN" confirmation message that people won't hesitate to select. Because they want to enjoy of the fruits the VRW has to offer them.

All Big Tech needs to do is figure out how to keep people fed and how to use the bathroom without logging off and VRW Life could become a permanent shell similar to other movies like the Matrix . Hell we may even become batteries for energy companies. Picture billions of humans on treadmills like rats on a wheel generating electricity to help power the main frames. In fact as shown in Ready Player One, the Mutli-Directional Treadmills that simulate movement through the VFW to feel like the real life world already exist. As does the sensitivity suits that enable touch and stimulation of person to person contacts. So one would receive more person to person experience and contact in the VRW than they would in the real world. Process that please. Its strange I know... but we're on the precipice.

Now imagine the financial implications. Not only for the USA but the entire world. Something like 90% of the worlds stocks are owned by 10% of the global population already. So how best to consolidate and grow that figure than to make it so people don't desire anything in the real world. To make it so all their desires, wants, and needs exist in the VRW. A better job, a bigger home, a fancier car, a more beautiful wife/husband.... all is possible. Are you a man who identifies as a woman? No problem, you are free to make a complete Gender change in the VRW. After all, everything is either a digital representation of reality, or a fictitious variant of something based on imaginations. Either way its a lie, but the mind won't care. Think of the enormous gaming success of the World of Warcraft franchise but on massive steroids. People quit their jobs to play that game. They sacrificed marriages, even stopped being parents to their children because that game meant so much to them. It was a vehicle for them to become the better version of themselves they wanted to be. Now imagine the line between game and reality is blurred to the point its no longer recognizable. Or rather the human condition wouldn't even want it to be recognizable. We will truly be in a Brave New World.

Broaden the economic impacts on a mass level. There would be no more USD, Yaun, Euro, or other real world currency. Even Crypto Currency like Bitcoin would bite the dust. Whatever the currency is within the VRW would become the standard and more important than anything. It would even be used and traded in the physical real life world at a globalist wet dream kind of scale. You work in real life for the game currency to support your virtual life, because you already got everything you can have in the real world. So the extreme rich 10% of the world population can further expand their wealth, influence, and power in the physical world, all while billions of other people stay in their single wide trailers and live the good life in the VRW. Its so far fetched it doesn't seem likely. But ultimately to some end this may be the future. Maybe this is why there was no Back To The Future Part 4. Because the BTTF trilogy was released in 1990, but took place in 25 years in the future (2015). Many things that were considered wild scifi ideas in that movie now exist and are just part of regular life. In fact pretty much EVERYTHING in the movie except time travel is now a reality. But a Part 4 would of had to show 2040-2045, and maybe for a family movie that was a little bit to dark for 1990 as the Ready Player One scenarios seems to be where we're headed.

Conceptualize what the advertising possibilities will be. Look how much profit social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube, etc. already make. Now put yourself inside their 8D animate digital world where you are walking through their Times Square to get to the subway, to take you to your job. Seeing nothing but their signage with their messaging, narratives, products, etc. All so you can accomplish something for the VRWs owners (AKA work) and be paid by the form of money they created. And imagine that currency driving the physical world. Where products and services in real life are traded for the "games" money. Everything from sex to cars to food to travel changes. Its all animate in an animated world...or is it?

Facebook is one of the biggest companies on the planet and why? What is the product they produce exactly? They have no physical product to be blunt. But they do control a digital platform to do what we already could do: COMMUNICATE. But its not actually about communication or social networking like most believe. That was only the necessary tool used for the real purpose. The fact is their product was to change the way advertising was delivered and resonated across the world. Facebook changed everything about advertising in general. The law of "Supply and Demand" became "Demand and Supply" because of Facebook. Advertisers no longer had to put out ads in hopes a consumer audience saw it, understood it, and was convinced by it. Instead consumer audience were logging into facebook to talk to "friends" while volunteering to receive advertisements about products/services the algorithms proved they were interested in. Basically people were paying to use facebook the entire time and never realized it. And in a result shipping, stocking, warehousing, retailing, etc. of products all subsequently changed as a result. But that was just step one. The key word in this paragraph you just read was necessary. Which moves us to the next phase....

Now imagine the ad revenues for products in the VRW and physical world alike, inside a place where people have little to no choice to be in. Because if free will is as contagious to the human spirit as I believe it to be social networking and communication are no longer the necessary vehicle for facebook to drive Demand and Supply. Because without their integrated simulation of free will people may probably never experience what it feels like to have freedom of choice. And this changes the world, humanity, and life forever. All so the 10% of the worlds population who own 90% of the wealth can increase their power, bar entry into the elitist club, and eliminate opposition to their goals.

Then combine technological and medical advancements made in other scientific disciplines. Everyone is well aware of Bill Gates investments into the pharmaceutical industry. And Jeff Bezos is heavily invested into developing space flight and more importantly Artificial Intelligence. Combine all that with what the Virtual World can do to change humanity and the possibilities are limitless... and not in a good way. I believe we have a serious problem spreading from the billionaires elite club. Because they can regulate everything from that point. Every facet of our lives would be under their complete control and authority... It gives real meaning to the term Big Tech.

After that all they have to do is police the VRW and ensure nobody thinks rebellious thoughts inside or outside the system. And to do so they can use coding like the Mr. Smiths in Matrix. Or they can simply delete you. Envision todays Cancel Culture minions having the ability to invoke permanent instantaneous cancellation of anyone for anything at anytime. Its simple to just pull someones VRW plug while dispatching an A.I. I,ROBOT type drone to eliminate ones ability to connect to the mainframe....ever again. In other words kill you and nobody would even know or care outside the VRW. And if they wanted to, they just replace you with a AI version to act as a spy and gather intelligence on any known associates. Think of it like the Blade Runners Androids only against humanity. And all this is legal and statutory because there are no more rights to privacy or confidentiality. In Orwell's 1984 those rights had to be taken from people, but in what could become our reality we surrender them so we could be happy inside the VRW.

And then the next phase would be The Singularity where AI and Human Minds are combined into a hybrid. Its a known fact that Elon Musk and Masa Son (richest person in Japan) are investing a lot in building AI for the “singularity".... but that's a post FOR THE FUTURE...