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Liberals Using 1984 George Orwell as "How To" Manual

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Note: If you have never read 1984 by George Orwell then my article here may make little sense. I will try to make my point clear even to those who have never heard of 1984, but that will be difficult in all regards So I encourage you to read it to better understand exactly what Democrats are doing to the USA. And then the article I write below will make perfect sense. In short 1984 is fictional novel based on total Government control of society and people who form "conspiracies" as to how it all happened. But in todays real world conspiracy theory is more like spoiler alerts. We are but mirrors of a fictional novel and have arrived in Orwells fantasy.

Just like the story of 1984 our history is being changed, our privacy is being invaded, and even our official language is under attack by groups pushing for public schools to adopt "passive linguistics" that would strike any aggressive words from ever being used. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, our countries founding Documents are being referred to as nothing but racist slave contracts that need to be replaced by laws more suitable for modern America.

Just like 1984s plot we have our three global super powers who fight but are financially beneficial of the others. We have our real life Winston Smith's among society and we have so many real life Julia's everywhere its impossible to count. A character like O’Brien is so authentic now that in todays Democrat party there are several just like him, however more powerful. We have the Brotherhood...and we even have the Emmanuel Goldstein leader that is pissing off "The Party". We have the Inner Party (Shadow Gov/MSM), and the Outter Party (Public gov that postures). We have our Big Brother, we have multiple versions of the Ministry of Truth, and we have multiple groups who enforce what "the truth" is like the Thought Police (Independent Fact Checkers). We have "Social Theory" now, disguised as Critical Race Theory. It also appears we will soon have our required "vaccine passports" to enable us going from state to state or city to city as was just announced in France. And of course we have our diaries... many of them actually (more on that in the next paragraph). And now we have entered the next stage. Lets' all be honest. Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, GETTR, etc. are nothing but public modern day diaries for us to write our thoughts in freely so long as we're not caught misbehaving. Just like Winston did with his physical diary in the 1984 story. As long as his secret thoughts were never discovered, he was ok. But the fact our "diaries" are PUBLIC has led to the very problem many people feared via the vast "Privacy Policy" we all agree to. And now the Biden Administration isn't even coy about the notion of monitoring our thoughts (posts) and invading our privacy. Big Brother now openly admits they have total access to see, document, censor, and even investigate what the average person thinks, believes, and writes. We're living in A Brave New World, a different Novel by Aldous Huxley but still very relevant. Because as American media theorist Neil Postman stated: "In 1984, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure." And today the #Biden Administration is using both pain and pleasure to better control us. To me there is no argument against that after Press Secretary Psaki told the world that the Biden White House is monitoring and censoring what we say on Social Media for our personal safety. LINK 1 and LINK 2 for more info on Pskais public statements. Psaki basically said the government is violating our rights to free thought and speech for our own safety. In my best "Friends" Chandler Bing voice "CAN WE BE ANYMORE 1984 THAN THIS?

Slowly but surely America is becoming Oceania where THOUGHT is becoming crime. (Side note: Hence this pages name #GoodfellaTHOUGHTS). And whats amazing to me is there are so many Americans basically volunteering for it. I'd hate to end this piece with a cliche' but our Nations Founding Fathers would be so disappointed in where we are today. IF they knew 246 years later what would happen in America they may have decided not to wage war on Britain and begin The Revolution. Simply because we have allowed to happen, what they fought and died for to never happen here. God help us.

EDIT - 08-04-21 - Update: 🚨🚨🚨1984 ALERT AGAIN! A paper published by Scientific Journal suggests that if you speak ill of Dr. Fauci IT SHOULD BE A FEDERAL HATE CRIME because it causes Far Right Extremist Insurgency.


Please think about and process the fact that Scientists want the Government to Regulate what we say. After that it will be regulating what we THINK. This is where we are in #BidensAmerica Sources: