• malgal92115

Liberals Efforts to Normalize Strange

The death of the America we know may be the result of us following Liberal Science. On so many fronts the lefts funded Scientists who say whatever the chosen agenda is are limiting freedoms. Fake Liberal Science is doing their best to make people think being acceptive and tolerant of strange behaviors and 'life styles' is normal. Something that at one time would end up on an episode of 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' has been socially indoctrinated as being normal. And if you dare say differently the left labels you as what is strange and bigoted. Its become a one way street.

The latest effort is Liberal Scientists doing DNA analysis on a 1,000 year old corpse they found in Finland. The scientists reports are proclaiming that the early medieval warrior who was thought to be female may have been non-binary.

To set the record straight the key words used in the "scientists" report are echoed in the many MSM news articles to propagandize and help normalize being non-binary. Words like "may be", "may have been", and "may well have been". Those are inconclusive terms to describe a Scientific discovery. Want to see an EXAMPLE... read my first sentence again and SEE HOW ITS DONE! But regardless of these inconclusive findings the media went nuts and reported it as proven fact in efforts to make it seem as if being of #nonbinary sexual orientation has always been regular. Some of these quotes from the liberal scientists report were amazing: "The new findings challenge previous ideas about gender roles and expression and suggest that nonbinary people were valued and respected members of their communities".

"biology does not directly dictate a person's self-identity"

Then AFTER they state their liberal science hypothesis as fact, they back off and say: "the buried person likely had Klinefelter syndrome and was anatomically male". Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic condition that effects 1 of about 660 boys who are born with an extra X chromosome. It does not mean someone is a woman, or that they may be trans sexual, or that they are non binary. Its a health problem and I wont make light of it. But for liberal scientists to use a medical condition to substantiate that being non-binary is and has always been socially regular is a new step away from VALID SCIENCE which I still appreciate 100%.

1,000-Year-Old Remains May Be Of A Highly Respected Nonbinary Warrior, Study Finds Analysis of ancient DNA found in Finland has unveiled a surprise a century later – the remains of an early medieval warrior thought to be female may have been nonbinary.