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MSN/Reuters Story:"Fauci floats pill to 'knock out' COVID early"

There's your “science” Liberals. Fauci is a lair. Liberal Science has now reached Criminal Levels possibly responsible for the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions around the world. Fauci's new pill 💊 he’s considering to battle COVID has a name. It's called hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. MSN/Reuters Story: "Fauci floats pill to 'knock out' COVID early" Ya know the same Drug that President #Trump talked about as early as March 2020 during his nightly #COVID Press Conferences with VP Pence, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Burke. Do you remember how the "Scientific Community" (aka Liberal propagandists being told what to say), the #MSM, and every #Democrat in Congress including #KamalaHarris and #JoeBiden criticized President Trump for promoting hydroxychloroquine ? Does anyone remember this Re-Tweet by Trump in July that was featured in MSM News and bashed in all possible ways? (Blog post continues under picture)...

The Trifecta of liars (MSM, Scientific Liberals, and Democrats) actually said things like "Trump was acting irresponsibly and his decision to promote #hydroxychloroquine will result in people using it and dying". But the more usual daily rhetoric spoken by every Liberal with a mouth piece was exactly this: "The president has continued to advocate using hydroxychloroquine despite concerns about its safety and efficacy from the mainstream scientific community, all while his approval of handling the Pandemic continues to decline". (LINK)

But the lies are not done. Its amazing that on the same day Fauci released his new hydroxychloroquine plans, the FDA approved the use of the preventative COVID treatment called the #RegeneronCocktail , or monoclonal antibody cocktail. Anyone remember that's the same treatment Trump took after he got COVID in October 2020? The Scientific Liberals, MSM, and Dems criticized Trump for using it and said it was dangerous and experimental. They called him irresponsible for taking and promoting a therapy that COULD KILL PEOPLE who will follow what the POTUS has done on his own, and AGAINST THE GENERAL CONSENSUS OF THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY. To be completely honest the "Scientific Community" consensus was split over the use of Regereron until Trump took it. After Trump used the therapy it went sent straight to the drug blacklists not to recommend use of. So the bottom line..... HOW MANY LIVES COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED IF FAUCI,THE MEDIA, AND DEMOCRATS DIDN'T PLAY POLITICS AND LIE ABOUT DRUGS THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO PEOPLE GLOBALLY AS EARLY AS MARCH 2020? How much blood do liberals have on their hands? Are they murderers for their committed lies to smear about treatments and drugs that have been around and used for decades by REAL Doctors? And Politically there were consequences also. As I mentioned and linked above the MSM loved to say that "Trumps approval rating for handling the Pandemic continues to decline". And Candidate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris loved to repeat this on their campaign trails at any chance they had. They even said close to the exact words live on TV during the Presidential Debates. However would Trumps approval of the Pandemic polled as low as the media reported had the MSM, Scientific Community, and Democrats not LIED about almost EVERYTHING regarding the "pandemic", but most significantly COVID Drug Therapies and Treatments that could have been used everywhere before the Election season began? Would there have even been a "pandemic" that lasted more than 2-3 months, or even at all? I will let the #GoodfellaThoughts readers decide that for themselves.

My last question is when will naive Liberal voters across America stop believing the words these liars say? At this point you don't appear naive anymore. You're just stupid. Intelligent life is making fun of your dumbness because you refuse to let facts like the ones contained in this blog post sink in. That makes you the textbook example for being an idiot. Don't blame me for saying the obvious. Blame the person looking back at yourself in the mirror.

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