Liberal Media Push For Mainstreaming Trans Kids

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

As mentioned in our post "Liberals Efforts to Normalize Strange," Liberals are now going full out on normalizing the perverse and abnormal.

Have you noticed the ever increasing media coverage of celebrity trans children? Here's a headline: "Dwyane Wade says trans daughter Zaya knew gender identity since she was 3 years old."

This is insanity. A 3 year old does not know much of anything let alone their "gender identity." Just another example of Liberal media crazy talk.

Another headline: "18 transgender celebrities who are changing television." And another headline: "Eminem's child Stevie, 19, comes out as genderfluid in moving TikTok video: 'Forever growing and changing'"

Not surprisingly, to serve this agenda, Liberals offer incentives. According to a parent with two adult children who identify as transgender: “A lot of these kids have concurrent mental health issues, and they find a place to fit in because as soon as you say that you’re trans, you get love-bombed,” she reflects. “You get love-bombed online, you get love-bombed on at school … As soon as you say you’re trans, you turn into a star. And kids are thirsty for that kind of affirmation.”