• malgal92115

Let California Fail

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

#LetCAFail . Sorry #California and #LarryElder . But its why millions are fleeing that shyt hole of a state everyday. Because they all knew this was all gonna happen.

CA is a POS now. Its done. There I said it bluntly. Whatever happens now I no longer care because they had a chance to limit their size of government, and instead voted to increase it.

This vote result only proves how stupid and blind people of CA are. Dumb even. The entire state can go to hell. The liberals there are naive morons. Example: Liberals who work at Disney World have been complaining about the shutdowns, the mandates, and going broke. But even Anaheim Orange County voted 52.4% (at the time of publishing) to keep #Newsom.

So F Em!

California's fails will be the example to other states of exactly what not to do. Let CA Fail. More closures, mandates, CRT, Illegal Immigration, Crime, Antifa Mob Rule, Thought Police, Censorship. As far as I'm concerned CA is better off slipping into the Pacific now. Its useless to the USA. That's right CA, you are no longer necessary to the Union and if it was not for Federal Tax Funded Bail outs to pay your state debt you would have filed Bankruptcy a decade ago.

I have always used a portmanteau and said CaLiberal. Conservatives, no more wasting money and time in this state. Let CA Fail. They're drunk on liberalism.