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Lara Logan to Tucker Carlson: US Gov Chose This Outcome

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Finally someone who knows wtf they're talking about and isn't afraid to say it.

Bravo Lara Logan. Bravo! I hope this 3-1/2 minute video will be seen a billion times.

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FoxNew Link(Same video):


“What they want you to believe is that Afghanistan is complicated. Because if you complicate it, it’s a tactic in information warfare called ‘ambiguity increasing. It always comes down to one or two things. And in this case, in Afghanistan, this comes down to the fact that the United States wants this outcome. Whoever is in power right now, whoever is really pulling the strings – and I don’t know that – they could do anything they want to change this. And they’re not.”
#LaraLogan is the host of “Lara Logan Has No Agenda” on Fox Nation, and his segment was told to Fox News host #TuckerCarlson.

The Big Question that remains is.... who does Lara not identify as being the ones who "really pull the strings".... I believe she knows, or she has an idea who. I don't blame her for not saying because she said more than anyone I have ever saw say on TV.... And to be honest, to identify them is most likely not good for ones health.

EDIT 08-22-21: Added embedded RUMBLE VIDEO LINK: