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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Yesterday after gunshots were fired OUTSIDE of a Washington Nationals Baseball game, Anti Gun Liberal Idiot #MaxineWaters wasted no time to go on #CNN to rant about how dangerous it is for society to have guns. Heres a video Link if anyone cares to listen to her typical non sense. As she regularly does, she insults #Trump, insults his supporters, insults all gun owners, and praises her efforts to save us all from the #BillOfRights Second Amendment. It was a very typical mouth run for her. Nothing new to be honest. As I stomached watching her go on, and on, and on, almost boring even Democrat junkie #JimAcosta to death with her predictability, I couldn't wait to write this response to her tired and lame reasons.

When #MadMax and other #Democrat Liberal goons start their anti gun rhetoric they always use the same three core rebukes to try to justify the nullification of America's #SecondAmendment #2A. And they are usually presented in this exact order: The Founding Fathers:

  1. were talking about military and police having guns, not regular citizens.

  2. were not talking about deadly "assault weapons" but rather about muskets.

  3. would never had asked people to defend the state against modern day tanks, jets, and nukes the Government has.

Its just so calculable and expected at this point its hard to tolerate. All 3 of those notions are always 100% categorically false.When the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment the right to own a gun was not a new concept as many world governments in the 1700s had already banned citizens from owning one. The new idea was making a law to NOT ban them from owning a firearm.

And for the record auto weapons existed in the Revolutionary war on both sides. The Puckle Gun and the Belton Flintlock that General George Washington and his “special forces” of the day used. With rate of fire up to 35 rounds per minute they were game changing. And they were smart enough to know the tech would only ever get better in the future. The Founders wrote the 2A shortly, easily, and with as little verbiage as possible all so future generations could not try and change what they believed was the most important freedom to defend the First Amendment (1A) our Freedom of Speech. This is described perfectly in Federalist Paper #29 written by Alexander Hamilton. In summary it is the peoples responsibility to form militias to protect their freedoms. George Washington as both a General, and as the First President spoke clearly to ensure the generations to follow just how the Founders believed it was important for Americans to own guns and why? "A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own Government" we're the words President George Washington spoke in his First Annual Address to Congress on January 8th, 1790. PHOTO BELOW OF Washington's historical marker in Texas commemorating this famous quote. Can it be any more clear what the Second Amendment was designed for? Yet 230 years later what are Maxine Waters and her band of leftist progressives doing? Exactly what the Founders anticipated...trying to eliminate our right to bear arms.

Of the 27 words that make up our Second Amendment guess which words the left NEVER wants to talk about or skew the meaning of? "THOU SHALL NOT INFRINGE". Because they know the legal definition of the word infringe is to actively break the terms of a law or agreement. Put that word in front of YOU WILL NOT and INFRINGE is steadfast, absolute, and unbreakable. So the anti gun advocated know there is no basis for them to attack. So they try and flip the meaning of the other 23 words. And of course the 8 big words they target are: Well Regulated+Militia+Security+Free State+Bear+Arms. The most self explanatory terms, so the left actually tries to re-write legal definitions of....its pathetic. But all 27 words contained in The Second Amendment are rooted in multiple other sources that our nations #FoundingFathers used to help create the Bill of Rights. Why nobody on the left ever makes those documents part of their argument is clear.... IT PROVES THEM WRONG! 2A is supported by

#1. The US Constitution/Bill of Rights 1791, and...

#2. The Federalist Paper No. 29 by Alexander Hamilton 1788, and...

#3. English law; America’s revolutionary experience; and even contemporary European political thought. In short, the basic idea was that a free people have a right to defend themselves against tyranny; and that if a government breaches the social contract with its people, the people have a right to overthrow that government. Popular access to arms is the sine qua non of such an ideal.

This argument lies at the heart of the Declaration of Independence when the colonists overthrew the rule of the king of Great Britain. Americans celebrate that victory every year on July 4th. Have you ever lit a firework to celebrate the 4th of July and America's Independence? If so... thank you for supporting the Second Amendment. You're pro 2A and may not have even realized it. #ShallNotBeInfringed EDIT: What is the Democrat controlled House doing the day after the shooting outside the Washington Nationals Ballpark? #redflaglaws

Again liberals push for Gun Confiscation. Not a lot of media covering it of course but they're trying to force states into making Red Flag Confiscation laws. All Democrats do is lie. American Military News Story