• TheGoodfella

Is Freedom Failing?

There are United States citizens who are pleading to have their freedoms taken away. People who are actually begging to have their Constitutional Rights stripped from them.

Even worse there are Americans who are willing to hand over the freedoms of their own children as an offering to the Church of Government. Like a sacrificial lamb to the God of Health and institutionalism.

I'm sorry but when I read shit like this I can't help but think the experiment that was called America is failing.

George Washington, the 56 congressional delegates that signed the Declaration of Independence, the 39 who signed the US Constitution, and every American in History that died to protect those Freedoms would be very disappointed in us today. They would be upset we have allowed America to come to the point where some take our own Freedoms for granted. So much so that some of our own countrymen no longer appreciate having Rights or find intrinsic value in the meaning of living free.

In many ways I believe that this is the "Saddest Day" that was described in the book "The Iron Will of Jefferson Davis", by biographer Cass Canfield when he referenced a comment printed in the London Times in 1864, "The Americans are making war as no people ever made it before". Only this time the war is without guns and "We The People" will all lose.