• TheGoodfella


When almost half the "Insurrectionists" are on video being allowed in through the West Terrace Door of the Capital Building, and then stay inside the stanchion rope lines and maintain social distancing, some while wearing their face coverings. Is this an insurrection or are they waiting for a ride at Disney World?

Democrats really over sold this way more than the video evidence had to show. I mean it was live on all channels with MSM talking heads using the most scary adjectives they could muster. The deaths turned out to not even be related to the "riot" (lmao). A cop who shot someone who pulled a knife. That person had a suicide note written weeks before. Barely reported. The cop who died was falsely reported as "struck in the head by a fire extinguisher", and the autopsy said he died of an unrelated heart failure and there was no forced physical trauma of any kind. The other 2 deaths were not even on the Capital grounds. This entire thing was media hype at its finest.